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Date: JULY X
Time: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: Anchor Room ()
Cost: $10 Admission ($8 Members or $5 Students)
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Club Events

 Westie Night (FWBC)

May 21
3 – 7 PM
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TGIF Party (WCS Room)

• Fort Wayne Ballroom Co.
• Fridays, 7:30 – 10 PM

Dance Indy Swing

May: 7 & 21
June: 4 & 25
July: 9 & 23

Indy Wednesdays

• Eric Byers

Purdue Westies

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Spring Calendar

Indy Dance X

• July 6 – 9, 2017

Fort Wayne West Coast Swing!

We are a West Coast Swing dance club in Fort Wayne, Indiana that provides instruction, dances and other resources to help dancers of all skill levels learn and master the art of West Coast Swing. We host regular Westie Nights to teach and practice West Coast Swing.

Our lessons are designed to be inclusive to all dancers, regardless of experience. You don’t need prior dance experience or a dance partner to get started. We rotate partners during our lessons, giving everyone a chance to practice the lesson with another Westie and meet new people in the process.

Our open dance (or practice party) during our Westie Nights give you an opportunity to practice what was taught during the lesson and to otherwise practice West Coast Swing in a “social dance” setting! We want our parties to encourage you as a dancer, whether you’re new or experienced, to experiment with musicality, try new things, work on technique and fundamentals, and most importantly connect your fellow Westies!

You can learn more about West Coast Swing (WCS) by clicking here or scrolling down to check out a few videos that showcase how awesome West Coast Swing is.

If you’re new and want to check out this smooth, slinky, and playful style of swing dancing, send us a message or stop by at our next event, Westies Unite!

We aim at building a community that loves to dance, wants to express themselves musically, that honors individuality, is inclusive of all dancing skill levels, and so much more.

As part of Fort Wayne West Coast Swing, we are…

  • Partnering with local studios and professional instructors to bring the club professional quality instruction.
  • Working to increase the amount of WCS dance events around Fort Wayne.
  • Building an online platform to learn more about WCS and connect with other club members.

WCS Resources

Here are a few great resources you can use to learn more about West Coast Swing!

West Coast Swing Online

Wandering Westie (Apparel Line)

WCS Music


Click on each question to learn more!

What if I’ve never danced before?

No experience necessary! Our Westie Nights will give you the basics to get you out on the dance floor!

Do I need a dance partner?

You don’t need a partner to attend our events. We rotate partners during lessons.

What should I wear (attire/shoes)?

Wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement. Shoes with leather soles are recommended. Avoid shoes with rubber soles. Don’t let your choice of shoes prevent you from coming to your first events!


Westie Night – June 11

Join us on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 for an afternoon of West Coast Swing! We’ll have a WCS lesson taught by Melissa Culbertson at 3:00 PM and an open dance from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM!

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Westie Night – April 23

Join us for an evening of West Coast Swing lessons and dancing at the Anchor Room on April 23rd! We’ll have beginner and intermediate lessons available, perfect for new and experienced dancers alike!

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Learn West Coast Swing

Learn West Coast Swing from local professionals to become a better swing dancer, no matter where you are in your Westie Journey.

Westie Nights

Each Westie Night has WCS Lesson and Practice Party to help you practice your new moves and techniques in a fun and encouraging environment!

Passionate Community

Be a part of an inclusive community that is passionate about West Coast Swing, making new friends, musical expression, and much more!

Musical Diversity

Learn to explore musicality and interpret modern and popular songs with West Coast Swing, from contemporary to blues and more!

West Coast Swing is a style of swing partner dancing that is danced to a wide variety of musical styles. From modern/contemporary music (on the radio and in clubs) to blues to R&B, and more, West Coast Swing focuses on musicality and interpreting the music (known as improvisation or “playing”) within the dance. West Coast Swing consists of primarily 6 and 8 count patterns, where nearly every pattern can be creatively modified on the fly by +/- 2 beats. Many West Coast Swing dancers (Westies) love this type of swing dance because of its musicality and the opportunity for both the leader and the follower to interpret the music and “play” within the music. If you like the idea of an interactive and engaging dance that allows you and your partner to express yourself musically, you’ll love West Coast Swing!