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Benefits & How to Join the FWWCS Club

New details coming soon!

The Fort Wayne West Coast Swing Club will have two tiers of membership, and they both meet different needs: Westies & Patrons.

Westies are members of our community that come out to dance, have fun and socialize with other members. Becoming a Westie is pretty simple. All you have to do is attend our events and sign-up here so that we can send you important club news and updates!

Patrons are paying members of our community that want to support the development of our club while gaining some financial perks as a “thank you” for being committed to our vision. Generally speaking, Patrons that attend most of our early-stage events will “pay off” their club membership in event savings alone.

(!) Patrons will receive the following financial bonuses (amounts not yet confirmed):

  • Discount at all FWWCS Club Events.
  • Discount at affiliated events (Anchor Room + Fort Wayne Ballroom Company) – more details coming soon.
  • Club discount for various WCS Weekend Workshops (hint: Indy Dance X 2017)
  • Access to Patron-only giveaways 1-2 times a year.

Patron memberships will be available in 6 and 12 month packages.

As we scale our events up, you’ll be grandfathered into any cost changes: meaning that you’ll save even more by signing up early.

Access to Community Resources

Whether you’re a Westie or a Patron,  you will have access to our community resources, both on our FWWCS website and our Facebook Group. We want WCS to thrive and by doing so we will provide as much of our resources to the public. Westies and Patrons who have signed up “officially” may gain access to additional resources.

Our goal is to create a digital platform for West Coast Swing, giving every aspiring Westie the opportunity to learn more about WCS, to be exposed to the nuances of the dances, and giving more advanced dancers more technique to think about, and much more.

Check back at a later date or inquire within.

Become a Westie

Anyone who loves West Coast Swing or wants to learn how to become a West Coast Swing dancer may join!

We want to create a network and platform for swing dancers to connect and find local dance opportunities.

For this reason, simply being a member of our community will be free. Patrons (on the right) get some financial incentives, but a paying membership is not required to attend most events.

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Become a Patron

A Patron is a member of the Fort Wayne West Coast Swing club that has committed to helping support the club’s development, while getting financial bonuses for coming to the same events you normally would!

You get to save a little (or a lot) for going to events you already go to.

We get a little reassurance that you’ll stick around with us for all the fun shenanigans!